About Us

About Us

Stockbrands Co. Pty Ltd “Stockbrands” is an Australian owned market leader in the innovation and manufacture of rugged, high quality identification solutions. Our range of products include Visual and Electronic tags, made in a variety of materials to suit a range of applications. We also manufacture drinking bowls, wool bale stencils, pig strikers, ear markers and wild dog traps and under the banner of 4N Products and together with our sister company Ace Plastics we also manufacture a range of products for the Gas and Water industries.

We are both the designer and manufacturer of our products and we are ISO 9001:2008 Quality assured company which means that our customers can be sure of quality. If you are expecting an imported tag or a drinking bowl made in China or elsewhere (as most are nowdays), we probably won’t be able to help you. But if you are after quality and an Australian company, Stockbrands can help you.

At Stockbrands, we are always interested in developing new products and tagging solutions. So if you can’t find the solution you are looking for in the market, we will work with you to solve your particular tagging/identification dilemma. It’s something that we do every day.

Stockbrands office and factory are located in Osborne Park, Western Australia.

Our renowned, one piece, self piercing sheep tags are trademarked and sold as SIDNEY TAGS and STRONG TAGS these are synonymous with ease of application, durability and value for money, with a stamping service second to none. What most people don’t know is that the SIDNEY TAG was the first one piece, plastic self piercing tag developed in the world and registered in Australia by Stockbrands over fifty years ago and has since been imitated by every other manufacturer world wide.

Whilst price and function are the keystones of successful manufacturing particularly in the global market, pleasing functional design is too often overlooked. At Stockbrands, we take pleasing functional design very seriously and in the past, we have been nominated an Australian Design Award for our efforts.